By IBT Girls // August 24th, 2017

Be it Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or Costco (coming soon!), everyone has their go-to grocery store and everyone has their go-to items they purchase there. Whether it’s that jar of peanut butter or carton of eggs, there are a few things we never leave the store without. Well, to re-orient what we’re purchasing we recruited Lindsay, of Weekend Bite. She’s helping us ensure we pick out the best options at the grocery store – and keep re-picking them. With a nutritionist’s grocery list to Whole Foods you have that little angel on your shoulder helping you put the right things in your cart. Yes, even Whole Foods has items you should avoid (seriously!).

Here, we walk you through the entire store, section by section, and show you the produce, packages, and more you should be on the hunt for. Ingrain these images in your mind and pin the grocery list for easy reference! Once you have the hang of reading ingredient labels and choosing healthy essentials, you will feel better about what foods you are eating and what you are spending them.