Snowman Cookie Dough Pops

by Hail Merry

Make it a Christmas to remember with these adorable no-bake Snowman Cookie Dough Pops

Hail Merry Snowman Cookie Dough Pops Recipe

Christmas is just 5 days away, and if in all the hustle and bustle you forgot about dessert, then we’ve got you covered with these adorable Snowman Cookie Dough Pops.  Featuring our plant-based Coconut Cookie Dough Bites covered in dreamy vegan white chocolate, this festive no-bake treat will have your guests in love at frost sight.

Hail Merry Snowman Cookie Dough Pops     Hail Merry Snowman Cookie Dough Pops    



  1. Before beginning, remove the cookie dough bites from the refrigerator and allow them to rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Shape the bites so they are a little more round. Cut your lollipop sticks in half.

  2. Place ¾ of the chips and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave in 20 second increments, stirring in between. When the chips are nearly melted, mix in the remaining chips and stir until smooth. If you notice the white chocolate starts to solidify at all, you can microwave again for an additional few seconds to keep it smooth and creamy.

  3. To build your snowman, take two Coconut Cookie Dough Bites and dab the top of one with a little white chocolate, then place another bite on top so two are stacked on top of one another. Carefully push a stick down through both bites and form the cookie dough bites around the stick if they crumble or crack at all.

  4. Carefully dip and cover the snowman pop in the white chocolate. If the stick starts to separate from the cookie dough bites, you can use a spoon to spoon the white chocolate over it to cover them. Place the completed snowman pop on a piece of parchment to set.

  5. To make the snowman look a bit like it’s “melting”, wait until the white chocolate sets, then turn over the snowman and add a dollop of white chocolate to the bottom. Turn the pop back over so the stick is facing up and press and drag the snowman on the parchment to create a white chocolate puddle.

  6. Next whip your chocolate frosting so it is nice and fluffy, then spoon it into a piping bag with a tiny tip at the end. Pipe on eyes, a nose, a scarf, and buttons to each snowman.  Decorate with sprinkles.

  7. For the nose, cut a thin slice of carrot and cut the slice into small triangles, then use the white chocolate to attach the carrot nose to the snowman’s face.

  8. Enjoy right away or store chilled until ready to eat! 

*Serving Suggestion:  Create a winter wonderland by serving your snowmen on a bed of coconut "snow."
Hail Merry Snowman Cookie Dough Pops     
Hail Merry Snowman Cookie Dough Pops
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