Dusk til Dawn Mocktail

Dusk til Dawn Mocktail Recipe


  • 5 oz of non-alcoholic sparkling wine or sparkling water mixed with 1/8 of a tsp of food grade activated charcoal powder
  • Organic Orange Juice
  • Just Pomegranate Syrup
  • Purple or Black sanding sugar and lemon wedges


  1. Prep the glass by running a lemon wedge around the rim to moisten. Next place your glass upside-down into a dish of purple sanding sugar, twisting around a bit to coat the entire rim.
  2. Start by adding pomegranate syrup to the bottom of a highball glass, until its about 1/4 inch full.
  3. Add orange juice leaving about 1.5 inches at the top.
  4. Add a few ice cubes to the glass.
  5. Slowly pour the sparkling beverage and charcoal mixture over the back of a spoon so it layers at the very top.
  6. Garnish with a lemon wedge and festive paper straw.


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